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Perkins, Oklahoma Residential    The homeowner purchased a panel package to assemble his home of 1550 sqft on the lower level and a lofted master suite of 700 sqft.  His personal design of the beam package illustrates an economical alternative to the timberframe style.  This design has been repeated in other homes we have completed.  The concrete floor has radiant heating but the temperature is so well controlled in this SIP panel home that the radiant feature has been rarely used. Electric usage for the home, workshop, well pump and pool has averaged $110 monthly over a three year period. 

         The homeowner previously built traditional log homes for resale but has converted strictly to Enercept SIP panel construction.  In fact, his staff has become our factory certified panel assembly crew and best spokesmen. 

Rustic furnishings in a SIP panel home Perkins, OK

Center beam and ceiling in SIP panel house

Home builder converted from traditional log to SIP panel

Well house made with SIP panels.  Customer's dog has an insulated home as well!

Timbers in a SIP panel home with a rustic interior finish

Custom beam system mimics timberframe without the cost